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Hover. The Wall Mount Snowboard Sample

Hover. The Wall Mount Snowboard Sample

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The first batch is expected to sell out quickly. Please note that the next batch will be available in 3 to 4 months.

Hover. The Wall Mount Snowboard is the perfect storage solution for your snowboards. It's the first product ever to display your snowboards on a wall while also practically drying them.

Hover. The Wall Mount Snowboard will get you closer to your board and have you thinking about your next fall line.

Hang the snowboard over the edge at its narrowest point near the waist, and then let it slide under its own weight to mount it.

Alpine Logic has specially packaged the early model wall mount, which is no longer sold due to its complex manufacturing and structure, at a reduced price by adjusting the number of parts that do not actually exist for snowboarding. For the mounting fasteners, we have selected piercing screws from Kyupiseira, which Japan is proud of, and the world's best anchor, Fischer Duo Power, made in Germany, for a special Japan-only set.

*If you want to mount your splitboard in split form, please use Hover. The Wall Mount Ski . However, the board must have an inside edge and sidewall treatment, and the waist width must be 270mm or less.

To install the product, download the manual from the link at the bottom of this page, or scan the QR code on the lid of the product box to display the manual. Just like Kinjiro in the Alpine Logic logo, if you read the manual carefully (important!) and have common tools, you can easily install the product. If you are unsure about how to install the product, please ask a friend who is good at DIY to help you, or ask a nearby contractor or hardware store that specializes in hardware installation work.

Product Features

  • Mount one snowboard on the wall
  • Can mount snowboards of all waist widths
  • Can be used for many years without damaging the snowboard or the device itself
  • Safety: Snowboards won't come off even in an earthquake

What's included

  • The Wall Mount Snowboard set (1 snowboard)
  • PIAS Stainless Steel (SUS410) Black Piercing Screws, 2 Pieces
  • Fischer Duo Power Plug (Anchor) x 2 *For details and specifications of Fischer Duo Power, please check the link below.

Hover. The Wall Mount Notes

  • This product requires drilling holes in the wall before installation. Please be sure to get permission from the property owner or their family before drilling holes or installing the product.
  • If you put your skis/snowboard on at an angle or put too much weight underneath it, you could scrape the sidewall.
  • Some imported products may have minor scratches during long distance transportation, but these will not affect their use.
  • Please note that Alpine Logic assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the installation of Hover. The Wall Mount.

Hover. The Wall Mount Manual

Hover. The Wall Mount Manual

Download PDF

Fischer Duo Power plug details and specifications

DUOPOWER 6x30 + Tapping Screw / Wood Screw

Applicable base material

  • Gypsum board
  • concrete
  • Concrete block
  • Brick
  • ALC
  • Natural Stone
  • plywood
  • Extruded Cement Board
  • Tiles etc.

*Please note that the type of screws used will vary depending on the type and thickness of the base material.

Construction Use

  • Drill diameter: φ6.0mm
  • Minimum drilling depth: 40mm
  • Minimum board thickness: 9.5mm
  • Minimum screw penetration depth: 35mm
  • Plug total length: 30mm
  • Suitable screw diameter: 4 - 5mm
  • Board screw diameter: 4 - 4.1mm

For architectural details such as allowable and maximum tensile loads, please refer to the manufacturer's documentation here.

fischer Duo Power Details

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Nationwide uniform ¥880

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