SKEATS™ Claws Field Report (Yusuke Asakawa)

Yusuke Asakawa

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Born in Obihiro, Hokkaido, currently residing in Furano. He started snowboarding when he was in high school and became completely addicted to freestyle, such as halfpipe and jumping. He has been active as a member of the SOBUT team since he was 20 years old, skiing mountains overseas in the summer, and honing his snowboarding skills in the large fields of Hokkaido in the winter. Currently active in many fields as a freeriding specialist, his signature style includes dynamic movements from turns to cliff jumps and excellent board handling. He produces his own snowboard brand “FLOATING LEAF” and is leading the snowboarding scene in Hokkaido. They also hold workshops on making snowboards and are working hard to popularize snowboarding for beginners. He is a genuine snowboarder who loves snow and rolling.

- SKEATS™ Claws Field Report -
Like many people, I'm not very good at walking in splits, but with the SKEATS™ Claws I was able to increase my range of motion and felt like I was much better at walking.

The mountains I often visit are Mt. Furano and Mt. Tokachi. There are many places where you can't ski unless you walk on hard ice. If you attach SKEATS™ Claws , your traverse and direct climbing ability will be greatly improved, so you won't have to change to boots and crampons as often, which will help you conserve your stamina. Moreover, since it is small and thin, it can easily fit into small gaps, so I feel like I have become better at storing

It's a really good product and I recommend it to many people.

Photo 1 & 2 ©︎key sato

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