Collection: Hover.

Hover Equipment was born from a simple question asked by two Bozeman, Montana-based guys, Greg and Mike, who share a love of skiing, art, and painting.

The question was, "Why are skis and snowboards, which we are all passionate about, being treated poorly in a garage or a corner of the entrance after use?" So they created Hover. The Wall Mount to display sad skis and snowboards like their favorite wall art and to dry them out practically.

After several years, Hover. The Wall Mount Ski/Snowboard is finally coming to Japan.

Alpine Logic will be releasing a special Japan-only version of the original wall mount, which is no longer on sale due to its complex manufacturing and structure. They will also be releasing a model with a lower price by adjusting the number of parts that do not normally exist for snowboarding.

Hover. The Wall Mount will get you in touch with your board better and have you thinking about your next fall line.

Alpine Logic is the exclusive distributor of Hover Equipment LLC in Japan.