Collection: SKEATS™

SKEATS™ skin cleats were developed by Mountain Cleats in the Teton fields of the Rocky Mountains of North America.

Climbing steep slopes of carved or frozen snow is often the only access to powder paradise. Once you attach SKEATS™ to your skis or splitboard, climbing becomes easier and you avoid dangerous slips.

Previous ski crampons (crampons) had various problems. I have to attach different crampons to each binding (every time I change boards), I can't attach them to super fat boards that are too wide, and most of all, when I'm climbing steeply, I want them to stick into the snow the most. There was a fatal problem that if I used a heel support, it wouldn't sting at all.

That's how SKEATS™ skin cleats were born. This simple solution can be used with other boards as long as the width of the board allows, and when attached to the board it will dig into the snow in any condition.

Install SKEATS™ skin cleats and enjoy the snowy mountains to the fullest.
Always keep these words in your heart during a tough climb.

"Skin Steeper, Ride Deeper!"

SKEATS™ Skin Cleats are covered by U.S. Patent 9,993,717.

Alpine Logic is Mountain Cleats Inc.'s sole distributor in Japan.