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SKEATS™ Claws 130mm GENTEMSTICK Custom

SKEATS™ Claws 130mm GENTEMSTICK Custom

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SKEATS™ Claws 130mm GENTEMSTICK Custom is a limited edition of GENTEMSTICK by SKEATS™ Claws.

It is only available at GENTEMSTICK stores or the GENTEMSTICK online store , and is not sold at the Alpine Logic online store. Please contact GENTEMSTICK for stock inquiries.

SKEATS™ Claws are our most aggressive skin cleats, combining a skin cleat with a minimalist crampon. A longer front point digs into the snow, combined with longer side points to improve skin and edge traction.

Grip ★★★ Glide ★☆☆ Edge ★★★

Claws are recommended for powder climbs, big slope traverses, fat skis and splitboards.


  • 130mm / 250g (pair)
    Use on skis or splitboards with a center width of 130mm or more.

What's included in the product

  • 2 stainless steel SKEATS™ Claws plates
  • SKEATS™ × GENTEMSTICK Brand 20” VOILE 2 aluminum buckle straps
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