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SKEATS™ Original

SKEATS™ Original

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SKEATS™ Original skin cleats are the lightest ski crampons in the series, featuring alternating spikes for added grip on steep icy slopes. Step onto the slope with the board flat to increase traction.

SKEATS™ Original, which can be installed and removed quickly, is useful not only for backcountry skiing, but also for fishing in mountain streams, snowy valleys that suddenly appear on mountain trails, trail running, hunting, setting up snow camps, etc. From a viewpoint, the safety that can be ensured with just 100g is a huge reward.

Grip ★☆☆ Glide ★☆☆ Edge ★☆☆

60mm width is recommended for leather boots telemark.


  • 60mm / 114g (pair)
    Use on skis with a center width of 60mm or more
  • 85mm / 154g (pair)
    Use on skis with a center width of 85mm or more

What's included in the product

  • 2 stainless steel SKEATS Original plates
  • SKEATS™ Brand 2 x 20” VOILE aluminum buckle straps

Precautions when using SKEATS™ Original

  • Be sure to attach it from above the sticker.
  • The correct mounting position is directly behind the toe binding.
  • Tighten the band tightly.
  • Either cut off the excess strap or tuck it between the top sheet and the strap.
  • VOILE Do not use straps other than aluminum buckles. If you use a nylon buckle strap from VOILE or another company, it may break and cause loss or injury.
  • When installed, the logo on one side will be upside down.
  • The front and back orientation of the Original is such that the wider spike is on the front side.
  • When storing it in your backpack or pocket, be careful not to damage surrounding items.
  • After use, wipe off the water and store it in a place out of sunlight.

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