Regarding the opening of Alpine Logic online store

Thank you for visiting Alpine Logic's online store.

We have been thinking about whether it is possible to smoothly share the knowledge and experience cultivated by our fellow mountain-based activity professionals, guides, photographers, etc. with as many people as possible and enjoy nature more safely. ? There was a proposition.

Although tools can make this possible, there is no tool that everyone will appreciate highly, because each individual has vastly different experiences, preferences, and emotions.

At Alpine Logic, we conduct thorough field tests on each item we handle with professionals in the field in the natural environment of Hokkaido, which is considered to be the harshest in Japan, and only offer products that are proven to be effective. We will deliver.

The 2022-23 FW season focuses on backcountry items such as skis and splitboards, with a simple theme of "winter mountain climbing." In the future, we would like to expand our catalog by increasing the number of attractive products we carry, regardless of the activity. Additionally, if the product you are looking for does not exist on the market, we are also considering producing and selling original products.

In addition to direct sales through our online store, we also sell wholesale to shops. We would like to distribute the items we handle widely in Japan and strive to create an environment where they are easy to obtain, so please contact us if you have the opportunity.

Although this is a small store that has just started, we would be very happy if we could build it together with everyone. Thank you for your patronage.

August 1, 2022
Alpine Logic Representative Takeron Kawata

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