Fischer Duo Power plug details and specifications

DUOPOWER 6x30 + Tapping Screw / Wood Screw

Applicable base material

  • Gypsum board
  • concrete
  • Concrete block
  • Brick
  • ALC
  • Natural Stone
  • plywood
  • Extruded Cement Board
  • Tiles etc.

*Please note that the type of screws used will vary depending on the type and thickness of the base material.

Construction Use

  • Drill diameter: φ6.0mm
  • Minimum drilling depth: 40mm
  • Minimum board thickness: 9.5mm
  • Minimum screw penetration depth: 35mm
  • Plug total length: 30mm
  • Suitable screw diameter: 4 - 5mm
  • Board screw diameter: 4 - 4.1mm

For architectural details such as allowable and maximum tensile loads, please refer to the manufacturer's documentation here.

fischer Duo Power Details