Precautions when using JigaRex™

  • If you are not used to using it at first, test the mount on an old ski or piece of wood that you no longer use.
  • The center line of the JigaRex™ body is a groove carved into the rail at the center of the body.
  • When attaching to skis, turn the front and rear levers to sandwich the skis, then turn the knob in the center of the lever to firmly close and secure.
  • Turn your binding and JigaRex™ Mounting Plate upside down and make sure the holes are in the correct position.
  • Carefully check that the vertical center of the ski is aligned with the center of the JigaRex™, that the sole size of the boot matches, and that you can accurately drill holes in the same position using a template such as a paper gauge. please. Another method is to insert a pencil or pen into the hole in the plate and mark it to check the drill center.
  • The hole diameter of the plate is 8.00mm. When drilling holes in the board, always use a standard ski drill bit with a 7.95mm diameter stopper. You can purchase drill bits here .
  • As with any equipment when using JigaRex™, it is your responsibility to ensure the quality and safety of your bindings. We are not responsible for any mistakes or mistakes made during installation.