Precautions when using SKEATS™ Glide Fins

  • Be sure to attach it from above the sticker.
  • The correct mounting position is directly behind the toe binding.
  • Tighten the band tightly.
  • Either cut off the excess strap or tuck it between the top sheet and the strap.
  • VOILE Do not use straps other than aluminum buckles. If you use a nylon buckle strap from VOILE or another company, it may break and cause loss or injury.
  • When installed, the logo on one side will be upside down.
  • Regarding the front and rear direction of Glide Fins, the side with the least amount of fins protruding is the front side.
  • When storing it in your backpack or pocket, be careful not to damage surrounding items.
  • After use, wipe off the water and store it in a place out of sunlight.