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CAST Freetour 2.0 Pivot 18 Pre Order

CAST Freetour 2.0 Pivot 18 Pre Order

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This is a set of LOOK Pivot 18 CAST Purple with CAST Freetour 2.0 installed.

The most sophisticated hybrid touring binding on the market has been updated to 2.0 for the 2024-2025 season. The main updates and changes from CAST Freetour 1.0 are:

    • Newly developed base plate, Toe Pedestal, and Tech Toe allow for smoother and easier attachment and detachment of toe pieces.
    • The Freetour 2.0 Toe Pedestal is incorporated into the LOOK Pivot 18 toe piece at the time of shipment, eliminating the need for disassembly and assembly of the toe piece.
    • A review of the shape of the brake lock improves the ability to hold the brake more reliably.
    • Succeeded in reducing weight by 49g in walk mode and 124g in glide mode (one side, brake width 115mm, GripWalk/Alpine AFD)
    • LOOK Pivot 18 is only available in CAST Purple
    • CAST Freetour 2.0 upgrade kits are not available for sale at this time.
    • Not compatible with CAST Freetour 1.0

      For details on the process of updating to Freetour 2.0, please read the CAST Freetour 2.0 development story below.

      The LOOK Pivot is an alpine ski binding consisting of a durable aluminum toe piece and a turntable heel piece. The most reliable binding available, with high boot-to-ski response, instant power transfer and precise ski control, and safe hold and release even in aggressive skis.

      The LOOK Pivot 18's toe piece has been modified to use CAST's patented quick-release mechanism, and can be replaced with an ultra-light touring tech toe when hiking. CAST Freetour 2.0 is the no-compromise solution for alpine touring bindings, with all the reliability and safety of an alpine binding, making it the best hybrid touring binding on the market. The solution for freeride has undergone further updates.

      Furthermore, by purchasing the Freetour 2.0 2nd Ski Kit (and the LOOK Pivot Spare Brake if the board width is different), you can use it with other boards by simply tightening 4 screws.

      tech freedom
      The Freetour 2.0's ultra-lightweight 87g per side Tech Toe minimizes touring weight while maximizing efficiency. By replacing the Pivot 18 toe piece with a Tech Toe, the total binding weight per ski is only about 1,000g.

      alpine performance
      The combination of the LOOK Pivot 18 and the newly developed Freetour 2.0 Base Plate and Toe Pedestal maintains all the reliability and performance of skiing's most trusted alpine binding. Perfect release and retention characteristics provide unparalleled safety.

      Advantages of LOOK Pivot
      The high performance of LOOK Pivot is immeasurable. Large elastic travel, fastest recentering, short mounting zone and multi-directional release create the best ski feel of any binding.

      Compatible with ski crampons
      The crampon clip is compatible with Dynafit style ski crampons.

      AFD compatible with all boot soles
      Standard AFD supports both GripWalk ISO 23223 (Grip Walk) / Alpine ISO 5355 (Alpine Sole). Also included is an interchangeable ISO 9523 (touring sole) for a full rocker sole.

      turntable heel
      The LOOK Pivot's turntable heel allows for rotational release around the tibial axis. This greatly reduces the chance of lower leg injuries, something that most tech bindings fail to achieve.

      heel assembly
      Freetour 2.0's compact Brake Lock/Bail Set attaches to the front of the heel piece with two holes. Equipped with a brake lock and two climbing bails for flat, 8° and 12° climbing modes.

      Points to note when purchasing CAST Freetour 2.0
      The CAST Freetour 2.0 uses the same hole pattern as the LOOK Pivot 15/18, plus two new holes for the brake lock. You must be able to accurately locate the holes in LOOK Pivot 15/18 using a gauge (jig) or template, and ensure that you drill the holes with the correct drill. Brake Lock/Bail Assembly template stickers are included in the kit.

      We also sell the LOOK - CAST Jig Attachment, which can be attached to the current LOOK Gauge Adult Mounting Template (FCFF001).

      If you would like us to install it for you, please either bring the board to our location in Obihiro, Hokkaido, or have it shipped to us. From October to March, installation work will be completed approximately two weeks after delivery and the product will be returned to the customer. The installation fee will be ¥6,600 (tax included), and if the board is already used with a different binding, there will be a small additional fee for filling holes and adjusting unevenness. The customer will be responsible for the round-trip shipping costs. If you have any questions or concerns regarding installation, please contact us. If you would like us to install it for you, please add the CAST Freetour installation fee to your cart and purchase at the same time.

      CAST Freetour 2.0 Specifications

      • Color: CAST Purple
      • Brake width: 95mm/115mm/130mm
      • Release value range:
        • Look Pivot 15 DIN/ISO 6 - 15
        • Look Pivot 18 DIN/ISO 8 - 18
      • Elastic travel (range of motion): 45mm (toe), 28mm (heel)
      • Compatible soles: GripWalk ISO 23223 (Grip Walk) / Alpine ISO 5355 (Alpine sole) / Touring ISO 9523 (Touring sole)
      • Climbing support: 8°, 12°
      • Materials: A7075 (super duralumin) machined aluminum, POM (polyacetal), stainless steel
      • Walk mode total weight: 1,016g (one side, brake width 115mm, GripWalk/Alpine AFD, including screws)
        • Tech Toe: 87g
        • Base plate: 59g (including screw)
        • Pivot 15/18 heel piece: 774g (brake width 115mm, including screw)
        • Brake Lock/Bail Assembly: 96g (including screw)
      • Gliding mode total weight: 1,343g (one side, brake width 115mm, GripWalk/Alpine AFD, including screws)
        • Pivot 15/18 Toe Pedestal & AFD: 414g (GripWalk/Alpine AFD) / 408g (Touring AFD)
        • Base plate: 59g (including screw)
        • Pivot 15/18 heel piece: 774g (brake width 115mm, including screw)
        • Brake Lock/Bail Assembly: 96g (including screw)

      What's included in the product

        • LOOK Pivot 15/18 Toe Piece (Toe Pedestal, GripWalk/Alpine AFD installed) x 2
        • LOOK Pivot 15/18 heel piece (brake installed) x 2
        • Tech Toe × 2
        • Base plate × 2
        • Brake Lock/Bail Assembly × 2
        • Screw x 1 set
        • Touring AFD × 2
        • Tech Toe/Toe Piece Pouch x 1
        • Brake Lock template sticker x 1
        • CAST Sticker × 1
        • LOOK manual × 1

        Notes on using CAST Freetour 2.0

        • Make sure to carry the Tech Toe or Pivot toe piece when not in use in your backpack.
        • To remove the toe piece, press and hold the silver release button in the center of the Base Plate and slide it backwards. Also, if there is snow or ice on the Base Plate, remove it before installing it.
        • To lock the brakes, raise the Brake Lock and press down with your boot or with your finger. To release the Brake Lock, grasp the tip of the brake and push it inward to release it.
        • Raise the lever toward you to secure the Tech Toe. When doing so, be careful not to raise the lever too much and make it stick. Two notches are usually sufficient.

        Regarding CAST Freetour shipping charges

        If you are only ordering delivery, shipping is free.

        If you are having the installation done by other means than bringing the board to our company, you will need to send us the board you want to have installed at your own expense.

        Please refer to the following link when sending your request.
        (A round trip ticket to Hokkaido usually costs around ¥4,000 - ¥6,000.)

        Yamato Transport: Ski delivery service

        Japan Post: Ski Yu-Pack

        Warranty for CAST Freetour 2.0

        CAST products strive to make only the highest quality products to withstand the rigors of skiing. No one wants the downtime of having to shuttle gear back and forth for warranty reasons.

        CAST's products are proven to be strong and durable, and we want to ensure that you can use your products for years to come. CAST covers your product against any issues that may arise due to manufacturing defects.

        The standard warranty period is two years from the date of purchase, but we will also consider warranty issues beyond the standard two year period.

        CAST® Freetour 2.0 voids any warranty, manufacturer's or seller's liability on the part of Group Rossignol USA, Inc. or Look Fixations SAS. Any such remedies shall be directed to CAST. If you encounter any problems with the product, please contact us.

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