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Freetour 1.0 2nd Ski Kit Look Pivot Brake Set

Freetour 1.0 2nd Ski Kit Look Pivot Brake Set

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The CAST Freetour 1.0 2nd Ski Kit Look Pivot Brake Set is a low cost, convenient set for using CAST Freetour 1.0 Pivot 15/18 on multiple skis.

By attaching this set to another board in advance, you can quickly and easily use the CAST Freetour 1.0 Pivot 15/18 by simply tightening 4 screws.

The Look Pivot's heel piece (or brake) is very difficult to remove and install, and even if the holes are drilled correctly, it requires considerable experience to correctly attach it to the ski center. Also, this set is recommended if your skis have different widths or if you don't want to damage the screw holes of your skis by repeatedly attaching and detaching them.

If you do not have a spare brake and need to remove and install the heel piece each time.

Pivot 15/18 heel piece (brake) 4 screws on each side x both plates = 8 screws to remove

Advantage: Low cost (Look Pivot Brake price)

Disadvantages: Replacement work is difficult, it is difficult to attach to the ski center, even if you tighten the screws with the correct torque, the screw holes in the ski will be damaged after being attached and detached several times, eventually making it impossible to attach the heel piece.

If you have a spare brake

Pivot 15/18 heel piece front pressure adjustment bolts 2 on each side x both plates = 4 attachment/detachment

Advantages: Replacement work is easy and speedy, once installed on the ski center, no subsequent adjustments are required, and the screw holes on the skis will not be damaged.

Disadvantage: Slightly higher cost (Look Pivot Brake price)

Regarding options

  • If you need brake mounting screws (genuine ski screws), please select " " from the options.

Additionally, we only provide installation by our company for customers who have previously purchased CAST Freetour 1.0 Pivot 15 and CAST Freetour 1.0 Pivot 18 from us.

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