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Poseidon Netherlands, KvK / Heritage Club Ltd.

MONOMASTER x Alpine Logic

MONOMASTER x Alpine Logic

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MONOMASTER and Alpine Logic collaboration model.

It is printed with the Alpine Logic fishing line logo and comes with a YKK eggplant and black nickel key ring perfect for mounting.

A portion of the sales of MONOMASTER will be donated to river cooperation organizations (river environmental protection organizations).

- Stress-free collection of tippet and leader waste -

MONOMASTER is a convenient item that allows you to easily roll up and store troublesome line debris such as tippet and leaders. Even if you replace a loose tippet or cut a piece of leader, you can roll it up by simply inserting it into the insertion slot in its rolled state and turning the knob. With this, you don't have to keep trashed tippet or leaders stuffed in your vest or wader pockets. You no longer have to worry about misplacing it in your pocket or getting it tangled with other tools.

MONOMASTER is not only convenient for anglers. Tippets and leaders made of synthetic fibers such as nylon do not decompose naturally, so if they are left unattended, they may remain in place and pose a danger to small animals and birds. If you roll it up tightly with the MONOMASTER, you won't drop any tippet or nylon debris.

  • Easily remove line waste
  • Can store trash for about one season
  • Easy to take out and dispose of trash
  • Avoid troublesome tangles
  • You can reliably take line trash home from the fishing spot.
  • Easy to attach to vests and bags
  • Size and weight make it easy to store in your pocket


  • Total length: 107mm / Diameter: 27mm
  • MONOMASTER body: 17g / YKK Eggplant: 3g


1. Insert a piece of dirt such as tippet into the insertion slot.

2. Rotate the knob to wind up.

3. When the season is over, open the lid and take out the contents.

4. Insert scissors along the groove. After discarding the rolled up garbage, put it back.

*Depending on the product, there may be burrs on the edge of the lid that occur during the manufacturing process. If you are concerned about it getting caught, please cut it off with a cutter.

Regarding shipping costs (nationwide uniform ¥550)

Nationwide flat rate ¥550

Free shipping for purchases over ¥20,000. (Excluding some products)

*MONOMASTER is small and lightweight, but due to the size of the box (125 x 45 x 31mm), we are unable to send it using the cheapest shipping method. Please note that size 60 is applicable.

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