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Ski Drill

Ski Drill

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A ski drill with a stopper for mounting ski bindings.

Outer diameter approximately 7.95mm

Lighter skis may also require different installation tools. Also, some specs for more expensive skis may require drill bits commonly used on children's skis. If possible, use a drill of the specified size.

There is no need to be concerned about differences in drill diameter of 0.1 mm or drill length of 0.5 mm, but just to be sure, please check the diameter of the attached screw and the distance from the surface of the top sheet to the sliding surface. Check the thickness using calipers.

3.5 x 7.5mm: Mainly children's skis and La Sportiva's Vapor Svelte and Vapor Nano (164, 172)

3.5 x 9.0mm: Most Movement models

3.5 x 9.5mm: La Sportiva models except Vapor Svelte and Vapor Nano (164, 172)

3.6 x 9.0mm: Wood core ATOMIC (including Ultimate) and ELAN racing skis

3.6 x 9.5mm (not available): Black Diamond models before 2020

3.8 x 9.0mm (not available): Unusual size for SKITRAB and KASTLE tour ski models

4.1 x 7.5mm: Mainly used for junior skis and thin skis with short screws.

4.1 x 9.0mm: Dynafit, Hagan, Fischer models with most metals TiN Coated Ski Drill is recommended for metals

4.1 x 9.5mm: TiN Coated Ski Drill is recommended for manufacturers who specify depth or for skis containing metal.

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