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WURTH x Alpine Logic WÜTOP® Heim Shield Ground Sheet

WURTH x Alpine Logic WÜTOP® Heim Shield Ground Sheet

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The WURTH x Alpine Logic Wurtop® Heim Shield Ground Sheet is a highly durable breathable waterproof sheet that WURTH is proud of. Heim means home in German. It is more than twice as strong as conventional breathable waterproof sheets.

Alpine Logic offers three sizes.

Although it is originally a building material, it is also effective for outdoor use, just as tents are short-term temporary structures. It can be used as a ground sheet for tents, as a tent mat to prevent reverse condensation on the tent floor that often occurs in winter, or as a sheet for picnics and outdoor festivals. It is a breathable waterproof sheet that can be used in a variety of ways, such as attaching grommets where necessary to peg it down or using it as a tarp.

*If you would like to purchase rolls of 1m x 50m or 3m x 30m, please contact us separately.

*The current WÜTOP® Heim Shield Roof 2SK has an adhesive surface on the side that is covered with a thin film, so we do not sell it.

Product Notes

  • The size may vary by +- a few millimeters due to cutting.
  • Due to packaging, slight creases may occur.
  • A 3m x 3m roll is actually about 3,010mm wide.
  • The pitch of the cross marks printed on the product is 97mm. Please be careful when cutting.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Thickness: 0.62mm
  • Weight: 163g/㎡ (actual value) / 170g/㎡ (manufacturer's nominal value)
  • Roll width: 1.0m/3.0m
  • Min/Max Temperature Resistance: -40 to 80°C
  • Waterproof performance: 46kPa
  • Moisture permeability resistance: 0.28m2sPa/μg
  • Fire resistance: E (normal fire resistance)
  • UV resistance: 12 weeks
  • Tear resistance: Vertical 230n / Horizontal 190n
  • Tension: Vertical 230n / Horizontal 330n (per 50mm)

Shipping costs (¥880 nationwide, depending on delivery area)

Nationwide flat rate ¥880

3m x 3m only, depending on delivery area

Free shipping for purchases over ¥20,000 (excluding some products).

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