SKEATS™ Glide Fins Field Report (Happy Hour Tsukasa Oshima)

Tsukasa Oshima

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Certified by the Japan Mountain Guide Association : Climbing Guide Stage II/Ski Guide Stage I
Vector Glide rider

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Born and raised in Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture. Currently residing in Asahikawa City, Hokkaido. Ever since I could remember, I have grown up without listening to what others have to say, and I have always believed in myself and moved forward. He is particularly obsessed with skating, and pursues his ideal form of skating. Former Gunma Prefectural Police Mountain Guard. Dropped out at the age of 30. Moved to Hokkaido and worked as a guide at Powder Company Guides in Niseko. The main thing is telemark skiing. A happy person who believes that he is the best telemark skier in Japan. My hobbies are alpine skiing and snowboarding.

- SKEATS™ Glide Fins Field Report -
“A straight-line manly Hike Line”

I believe it was April 19th, 2022. The snow in the city had melted, and it was peak harvest season for green onions in the countryside. The previous day's weather forecast predicted 15 cm of snowfall above 1,500 m. I applied powder wax and went to bed early to prepare for the day. But I overslept. Departure was delayed by 30 minutes.

I did it~

Although I flew at the limit of the legal speed, I was unable to catch the first flight of the Kurodake Ropeway. The next flight was 20 minutes later and was the worst. He started walking quickly, but there were more than 10 people ahead of him. There were too many competitors with over 10 people on the second flight.

So I went all in on SKEATS™ Glide Fins .

I didn't have time to cut a jig anymore and had no choice but to climb directly to get first. Elevation difference: 700m, maximum slope: 35°, base is gravel, 24h snowfall 20 - 30cm. Normally I would have waited for Azuru , but I was able to overtake the 10 riders ahead of me and take first place. The first powder in a month felt great.

It was also my first time to climb Mt. Kurodake without cutting a jig.It was a direct climb of up to 35 degrees, and the snow conditions were difficult to climb due to the poor combination of old and new snow. The ability to climb directly under these conditions was definitely thanks to the SKEATS™ Glide Fins .

There is no other item that is so reliable, compact, and reasonably priced. Nowadays, I always keep it in my backpack as one of the essential items for spring hikes.

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