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MONOMASTER, a small device that helps anglers avoid leaving fishing line waste in the environment, was developed by British-born doctor, scientist, screenwriter, and fly fisher Ian White. it was done. His scientific research is primarily in heart regeneration and stem cells, but he is also an inventor. One of those inventions is MONOMASTER.

When fishing, you inevitably end up producing garbage made from nylon and other synthetic fibers. Change the leader, change the fly or lure, or get tangled due to a casting mistake. The waste from line systems is extremely harmful to the natural environment and takes hundreds of years to decompose. This can have deadly effects on birds, small mammals, fish and other animals.

In recent years, anglers' environmental awareness has improved, and fewer people are throwing away fish on the spot. Common sense anglers take their synthetic trash home and throw it in the trash. However, that trash can be stressful for anglers.

If you try to put it in your pocket or trash can, you may drop it, it may not fit into your pocket properly, or it may get tangled up in your pocket, even involving the small items that were in it. If it gets tangled with other things, it can be difficult to untie it. If you accidentally put clothes in your pocket and put them in the washing machine, they may get clogged in the filter.

With MONOMASTER, you can enjoy fishing without the stress of line debris. Please use MONOMASTER to reduce the impact on the natural environment as much as possible and avoid troublesome troubles!

- Message from MONOMASTER -

Fishing is a great way to spend time. It's a wonderful hobby that deepens your understanding and love for nature. It makes us realize that our actions affect not only the surrounding situation, but also the entire natural environment. When I discovered MONOMASTER, I knew this little gadget could benefit both small game and anglers. This will prevent you from accidentally dropping used nylon or other fishing line, and will keep your natural environment (and your pant pockets) free of debris. When left in the natural environment, such trash remains for hundreds of years, during which time it becomes a deadly trap for small animals. I thought it would be a very valuable tool if it could prevent this from happening. That's why we started selling MONOMASTER to fly fishing shops, started a website and started recommending MONOMASTER to fishing clubs, environmental organizations, fishing grounds owners and fly fishers all over Europe.

Then, in 2019, we took over MONOMASTER from its previous owner, Ian White, and had the opportunity to spread MONOMASTER around the world. We took this opportunity to change the packaging of MONOMASTER to a more eco-friendly paper box in order to reduce plastic waste. We hope that more and more anglers will use MONOMASTER and products with similar functionality, and together we can reduce fishing line waste from the natural environment. This little product will help you get one step closer to realizing the adage, "Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures."

Bert Vosters

Alpine Logic is an official retailer of Poseidon Netherlands, KvK / Heritage Club Ltd.

A portion of the sales of MONOMASTER will be donated to river cooperation organizations (river environmental protection organizations).