2023 - 2024 Year-end and New Year business notice

Thank you for using Alpine Logic.
There are only a few days left in 2023.

We were able to successfully complete our second year thanks to our customers, retailers, manufacturers, e-commerce sites, financial institutions, delivery companies, logistics companies, warehouse companies, printing companies, ambassadors, and many friends. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone for their cooperation and understanding.

In particular, our main product, SKEATS™, has sold approximately 2,500 units since its launch, and other items are gradually becoming well known. The next year, 2024, will be filled with new items such as Hover. The Wall Mount, which stores skis/snowboards like wall art, BINDING FREEDOM, an insert screw, JigaRex™ ski binding multi-gauge, and SKIMENDER, a battery-powered cordless repair gun for sliding surfaces. is.

We hope to help make your mountain trips/activities even more fun, safe, and comfortable. I sincerely hope that you can spend the new year with a smile on your face, and that I will see you somewhere. I hope you have a happy new year.

Alpine Logic Representative Takeron Kawata

- Alpine Logic Contact Us -
We will be closed for one week from Thursday, December 28, 2022 to Thursday, January 4, 2023. We will respond sequentially from Friday, January 5, 2023. *Please contact us by email or phone only in case of emergency.

- Alpine Logic Online Store -
We are always accepting orders. Shipping within this year will be limited to orders placed by 21:00 on Thursday, December 28th. Orders placed after that will be shipped sequentially from January 5th (Friday).

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