Regarding sales of Alpine Logic 1st Anniv. / GW

Alpine Logic is already celebrating one year since its opening.

We would like to ask for the great cooperation and understanding of our customers, retailers, manufacturers, e-commerce sites, financial institutions, delivery companies, logistics companies, warehouse companies, printing companies, ambassadors, and our many friends. We would like to thank you for allowing us to successfully complete our first year and begin our second year.

Our main product, SKEATS™, has sold over 1,500 units since its launch in August 2022. We hope that we can continue to be of use to you on your mountain and fishing trips.

Although it's our 1st anniversary, we don't have anything particularly special, but please look forward to the items that will be available from the 2nd year!

April 25, 2023
Alpine Logic Representative Takeron Kawata

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We will respond sequentially from May 8th (Monday).

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