Notes on using CAST Freetour 1.0

  • Carry either the CAST Freetour Tech toe or the LOOK PIVOT 15/18 two-piece by making sure to store it securely in your backpack when not in use.
  • To remove the toe piece, slide off the black quick release on both the toe base and CAST Freetour Tech toe. Also, if there is snow on it, please remove it with a brush before putting it on.
  • When installing the toe piece, just push it in and make sure it clicks into place.
    *CAST Freetour Tech If the toe does not lock, the leaf spring next to the spring may be interfering with the front screw. In that case, bend the leaf spring slightly with pliers, or use a hard object such as the tip of a stock to push it into the spring from the front.
  • When using in walk mode, raise the Tech toe lever towards you and lock it. When doing so, be careful not to raise the lever too much and make it stick. 2-3 notches are usually sufficient.
  • Please lock the brakes when using in walk mode. Raise the brake lock and engage it with your finger, or just depress it.
  • When climbing a slope in walk mode, raise the bail according to the slope for support. You can get 8° of assistance with short bails and 12.5° with long bails.
  • To release the brake lock, grasp the tip of the brake and push it inside the board, or turn the turntable on the heel piece to release it. Make sure to push the brake lock forward (toward the nose of the ski) to lock the bail.