CAST Freetour 2.0 development story

The CAST Freetour 1.0 is a great binding and we think it's compatible with most skiers on the market. Over the years we have grown and realized that the functionality of Freetour 1.0 is dependent on the skill of the installer to mount. If the mount is out of place, it will be very difficult to replace the toe. When mounted correctly, it remains one of the best bindings on the market.

The biggest change with CAST Freetour 2.0 is that it's now a single baseplate instead of four separate tooth screw towers. The main idea was to make mounting easier. Not only is it easier to install, it is also easier for the end user to use as they no longer have to deal with four screw towers. We believe this will allow us to expand our reach to any skier who wants to own a highly versatile ski or want to go on tour someday.

We believe one change has created the next generation of hybrid bindings. The step of the brake retainer has been made slightly larger to improve brake holdability. I had to make a new Tech Toe and Toe Pedestal to accommodate the Freetour 2.0 baseplate. We've also changed the way it locks to the baseplate, making the lock button larger and sturdier. These small changes make the CAST Freetour 2.0 Pivot 15/18 lighter than the Freetour 1.0, making it more fun, easier to use, and more comfortable to carry in the backcountry.

At this time, there are no upgrade kits for sale for CAST Freetour 2.0. To use the CAST Freetour 2.0 system, you will need to purchase a set with this binding LOOK Pivot 15/18 CAST Purple. This is a step toward obtaining TUV certification in the future, which certifies the safety and functional effectiveness of all kinds of products, including mechanical, electronic equipment, and medical products. This means that the Freetour 2.0 with this LOOK Pivot 15/18 CAST Purple has been factory tested for safety and functional effectiveness and is covered by the manufacturer's warranty.