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SkiMan Bravo Support

SkiMan Bravo Support

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Bravo support for SkiMan, which has been manufacturing ski and snowboard tune-up items in Italy since 1975.

If you clip it horizontally to the left and right supports of a vise, it becomes a snowboard vise or wide ski support, and if you clip it vertically, you can use it as a Nordic cross-country ski vise.

A must-have item for those who tune both skis and snowboards.

*The current model has two rubber pieces attached to one support as shown in the first photo.

Product features

  • Universal adapter that turns SkiMan Ski Vice Pro Wide into an all-in-one vise
  • Suitable for all types of snowboards, wide skis and cross country
  • Special rubber provides a secure grip when tuning snowboard or ski surfaces.

What's included in the product

  • Bravo Support 2 pieces

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