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SkiMan Ski Vice Pro Wide

SkiMan Ski Vice Pro Wide

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Ski Vice Pro Wide from SkiMan, which has been manufacturing ski and snowboard tune-up items since 1975 in Italy. Allows edge and base tuning of all types of skis.

Compatible with skis with a center width of 50mm or more and 155mm or less, and by adjusting the height you can also secure it by sandwiching plates or bindings.

This is the definitive ski vise that allows you to tune all skis from racing skis to fat skis and jump skis with just one device.

In addition, by sandwiching the separately sold Bravo Support horizontally between the left and right supports, it becomes a snowboard vise or wide ski vise, and by sandwiching it vertically, it can be used as a Nordic cross-country ski vise. (Rubber pads of 10mm or more are required on the left and right sides of the center clamp.)

Product features

  • Aluminum body that is resistant to compression and tension
  • 90mm center clamp (jaw) mouthpiece (grip width)
  • Stepless vertical adjustment from 90° to 60°

What's included in the product

  • Ski vice 1 set
  • 2 brake bands

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