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Vibra-TITE® VC-3

Vibra-TITE® VC-3

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Vibra-TITE® VC-3 is the most versatile screw locker available on the market. Can be used with screws of any purpose, material, or size. The effectiveness of VC-3 has already been proven, as it is used by NASA, the US military, and aircraft.

There are many differences when comparing VC-3 and regular screw lockers, but the biggest advantage when used on skis and snowboards is that it does not attack the plastic material of the binding or the polyamide (nylon) of the top sheet. Regular thread lockers help bond metal to metal, and once they adhere to plastic or nylon, they begin to erode.

This is an essential item for fastening screws on BINDING FREEDOM and snowboards.

Product features

  • Operating temperature range: -53℃ ~ 73℃
  • Can be used on metal, wood, plastic, etc.
  • Fasteners can be easily adjusted, removed and reused
  • Coated parts can be stored indefinitely until used
  • After application, dry screws can be used underwater
  • Can be used repeatedly up to 5 times with one application
  • Acrylic polymer that dampens and absorbs vibrations. Suitable for all types of equipment that generates vibrations, such as industrial machinery, power tools, and agricultural machinery.
  • Does not harden like anaerobic thread lockers
  • Will not fall off even when the tightening torque value is gone
  • Meets low outgassing specifications (conforms to NASA SP-R-0022A, ASTM E 595)

how to use

1. Cleaning: Wipe off any visible moisture, oil, grease, etc.

2. Application: Apply 1.5 times the thread diameter to fill 50 to 100% of the groove depth. (For 30ml, shake the container well before applying.)

3. Drying: Leave to dry for 10 to 30 minutes depending on the size of the screw.

4. Tighten the screws.

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