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WURTH x Alpine Logic WÜTOP® SD Vario Zwei Ground Sheet

WURTH x Alpine Logic WÜTOP® SD Vario Zwei Ground Sheet

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The WURTH x Alpine Logic Wootop® SD Vario Zwei Groundsheet is a renewed version of WURTH's signature variable moisture control sheet (a waterproof sheet with breathability), with Zwei meaning two in German.

Alpine Logic offers two sizes.

Although it is originally a building material, it is also effective for outdoor use, just as tents are short-term temporary structures. It can be used not only as a ground sheet for a tent, but also as a tent mat to prevent reverse condensation on the tent floor, which is common in winter, and as a waterproof and heat-retaining cover for a sleeping bag.

It can also be used as an ultra-lightweight sheet for picnics and outdoor festivals. It is a breathable waterproof sheet that can be used in a variety of ways, such as attaching grommets where necessary to peg it down or using it as a tarp.

*If you would like to purchase rolls of 1.5m x 50m, please contact us separately.

Precautions for Use

When using it as a ground sheet or tent sheet, place the film side facing the ground.

Product Notes

  • The size may vary by +- a few millimeters due to cutting.
  • Due to packaging, slight creases may occur.
  • A 1.5m roll is actually about 1,510mm wide.
  • The pitch of the cross marks printed on the product is 100mm.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Polyamide
  • Thickness: 0.22mm
  • Weight: 78g/㎡ (actual value) / 85g/㎡ (manufacturer's nominal value)
  • Roll width: 1.5m
  • Min/max temperature resistance: -40 to 80°C
  • Waterproof performance: W1 (totally impermeable to water)
  • Fire resistance: E (normal fire resistance)
  • Tear resistance: Vertical 50n / Horizontal 40n
  • Tension: Vertical 120n / Horizontal 90n (per 50mm)

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