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WURTH ZEBRA Screw Driver Pozi Driv #3 (w/ Hexagon Blade & Spanner Nut)

WURTH ZEBRA Screw Driver Pozi Driv #3 (w/ Hexagon Blade & Spanner Nut)

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WURTH ZEBRA Screwdriver Pozidrive #3 (with hex blade and spanner nut) is an essential tool for turning the Pozidrive screws used on most skis and some snowboards.

Pozidrive is a screw standard for more stable and accurate force transmission. If you use a Phillips screwdriver to turn the Pozidrive screws, you will damage the threads, so be sure to use a tool that matches the screw specifications.

This screwdriver is not a regular round shaft screwdriver, but can be gripped by hand by hooking a spanner to a hexagonal blade (shaft) with a width across flats of 8mm and a spanner nut with a width across flats of 13mm at the base of the blade (in front of the grip). Force can be transmitted in the direction of rotation more accurately than by turning, and even stuck screws can be turned with a stable initial movement. However, the diagonal width is 9.24mm, so if you are trying to turn a screw on a binding with too little clearance, please check in advance that the driver blade will not interfere with the binding itself.

*The product image is PZ1 and is a representative image, but the product is PZ3 and the color code is green.

Product features

  • Bit size: PZ3
  • Blade length (A): 150mm
  • Handle length (B): 114mm
  • Handle width (C): 38mm
  • Width across flats (driver blade): 8mm
  • Width across flats (spanner nut): 13mm
  • Tip: ISO 8764-PZ, black point
  • Blade: brushed chrome plated

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