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CAST Freetour 1.0 Pivot 18 FORZA 3.0

CAST Freetour 1.0 Pivot 18 FORZA 3.0

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Brake Size

What is AFD?

You need to choose from the following three types of AFD. Please check the sole specifications of the boots you are using. If you are unsure which to choose, please contact us.

  • GripWalk compatible: Compliant with GripWalk standards.
  • WTR: Touring boots with normal walk mode or meets the ISO 9523 Touring boot standard.
  • ISO 5355 Alpine sole: Fits alpine soles that meet the ISO 5355 standard.

This is a set of LOOK Pivot 18 with CAST Freetour Upgrade Kit installed.

Although not yet well-known here in Japan, CAST Freetour is highly regarded as the "ultimate tech binding system" in the United States, Canada, and European countries.

In addition to the updated Freetour 2.0 Pivot 18 released from 2024 FW, the fact remains that this Freetour 1.0 Pivot 18 FORZA 3.0 is a touring binding that will give you the best riding feel if installed correctly.

Freetour 2.0 Pivot 18 is only available in CAST Purple color, but if you like the coloring of Pivot 18 FORZA 3.0, choose Freetour 1.0 Pivot 18 FORZA 3.0 with the help of a reliable installer.

The LOOK Pivot is an alpine ski binding consisting of a durable aluminum toe piece and a turntable heel piece. The most reliable binding available, with high boot-to-ski response, instant power transfer and precise ski control, and safe hold and release even in aggressive skis.

The LOOK Pivot 15 or 18 toe piece is modified to use CAST's patented quick-release mechanism and swapped out for an ultra-lightweight Tech Tour toe when hiking. CAST Freetour is the world's first tech binding system with all the reliability and safety of an alpine binding.

What's more, by purchasing an additional Freetour Second Ski Kit (and LOOK Pivot Spare Brake if your board width is different), you can use it on other boards by simply tightening 4 screws.

Points to note when purchasing CAST Freetour

  • The CAST Freetour uses the same hole pattern as the LOOK Pivot 15 / 18, plus two new holes for the brake lock. LOOK Pivot 15 / 18 holes must be accurately positioned using a gauge or template, and the holes must be drilled using the correct drill. A brake lock template is included in the kit. If you would like us to install it for you, please either bring the board and the boots you are using to our location in Obihiro, Hokkaido, or have them shipped to us. From April to September, the product will be installed approximately one week after arrival, and from October to March, approximately two weeks after arrival, and then returned to the customer. The installation fee will be ¥6,600 (tax included), and if the board is already used with a different binding, there will be a small additional fee for filling holes and adjusting unevenness. The customer will be responsible for the round-trip shipping costs. If you have any questions or concerns regarding installation, please contact us. If you would like us to install it for you, please add the CAST Freetour installation fee to your cart and purchase at the same time.
  • The brake width should match the center width of the board you wish to install. There are 3 types: 95mm / 115mm / 130mm, so please select when purchasing.

CAST Freetour 1.0 Specifications

CAST Freetour

  • Color: FORZA 2.0 / FORZA 3.0 / Gold / Raw
  • Brake width: 95mm / 115mm / 130mm (95mm is sold as an option)
  • Release value:
    • Look Pivot 15 DIN/ISO 6 - 15
    • Look Pivot 18 DIN/ISO 8-18
  • Compatible sole: ISO5355 Alpine sole / GripWalk / ISO9523
  • Total weight when walking: 1,065g (one side, measured value, with brake width 115mm installed)
    • Tech Too: 130g
    • Pivot 15 heel piece, brake (115mm): 760g
    • Tousim: 38g
    • Brake lock assembly: 91g
    • Screw: 46g
  • Total weight when sliding: 1,467g (one side, measured value, with brake width 115mm installed)
    • Pivot 15 two piece, CAST pedestal, AFD: 532g
    • Pivot 15 heel piece, brake (115mm): 760g
    • Tousim: 38g
    • Brake lock assembly: 91g
    • Screw: 46g

What's included in the product

LOOK Pivot 15/18 Binding

  • 2 LOOK Pivot Two Pieces
  • 2 LOOK Pivot heel pieces
  • 2 LOOK Pivot brakes
CAST Freetour Upgrade Kit
  • 2 LOOK Pivot pedestals (already attached to LOOK Pivot)
    *The original Pivot pedestal that was removed is included.
  • 2 tech toes
  • 2 tousims
  • 2 brake lock assemblies
  • 1 set of screws
  • 2 Freetour AFDs

Regarding CAST Freetour shipping charges

Free shipping is available for delivery only.

If you do not bring the product to our company for installation work, you will be responsible for sending the board you wish to install and the boots you are using at your own expense.

Please refer to the link below when sending.
(To Hokkaido, the round trip usually costs around ¥4,000 - ¥6,000)

Yamato Transport: Ski courier service

Japan Post: Ski Yupack

Notes on using CAST Freetour 1.0

  • Carry either the CAST Freetour Tech toe or the LOOK PIVOT 15/18 two-piece by making sure to store it securely in your backpack when not in use.
  • To remove the toe piece, slide off the black quick release on both the toe base and CAST Freetour Tech toe. Also, if there is snow on it, please remove it with a brush before putting it on.
  • When installing the toe piece, just push it in and make sure it clicks into place.
    *CAST Freetour Tech If the toe does not lock, the leaf spring next to the spring may be interfering with the front screw. In that case, bend the leaf spring slightly with pliers, or use a hard object such as the tip of a stock to push it into the spring from the front.
  • When using in walk mode, raise the Tech toe lever towards you and lock it. When doing so, be careful not to raise the lever too much and make it stick. 2-3 notches are usually sufficient.
  • Please lock the brakes when using in walk mode. Raise the brake lock and engage it with your finger, or just depress it.
  • When climbing a slope in walk mode, raise the bail according to the slope for support. You can get 8° of assistance with short bails and 12.5° with long bails.
  • To release the brake lock, grasp the tip of the brake and push it inside the board, or turn the turntable on the heel piece to release it. Make sure to push the brake lock forward (toward the nose of the ski) to lock the bail.

CAST Freetour 1.0 Manual

CAST Freetour 1.0 Manual

PDF download

Warranty for CAST Freetour 1.0

CAST products strive to make only the highest quality products to withstand the rigors of skiing. No one wants the downtime of having to shuttle gear back and forth for warranty reasons.

CAST's products are proven to be strong and durable, and we want to ensure that you can use your products for years to come. CAST covers your product against any issues that may arise due to manufacturing defects.

The standard warranty period is two years from the date of purchase, but we will also consider warranty issues beyond the standard two year period.

Integrating the CAST® Freetour Upgrade Kit with LOOK PIVOT® Binding voids any warranties, manufacturer's or seller's liability on the part of Group Rossignol USA, Inc. or Look Fixations SAS. Any such remedies shall be directed to CAST. If you encounter any problems with the product, please contact us.

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